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IN A NUTSHELL: Please watch video on the front page to know what to expect from your Biobulb™. Bioglow's glowing plants require no care, just avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.Your Biobulb™ will ship within 4 weeks of ordering. Thanks!   



All glowing plant sales and products are subject to Bioglow's Limited Use License found at http://bioglow.us/pages/bioglow-license and elsewhere, as well as pending and issued patents. By purchasing any of Bioglow's glowing plants you agree to the terms and conditions of Bioglow's Limited Use License. Bioglow LLC, all rights reserved.

Fulfillment Times: Current timeframes for the Plant Powered™ Biobulb™ order shipments is 4 weeks. We custom propagate each plant per order, which requires time for order fulfillment. Notification will be e-mailed when your plant ships.

Please remember: we are unable to ship plants outside of the United States.

Bioglow’s glowing plants are first of their kind. Please watch the video on front page to learn about what to expect.

Product dimensions: 4"H x 3"W

Photography courtesy Bioglow LLC. In-dark images taken using Nikon D5200 camera with ISO ranges of 800-3200 and exposures between 30 sec and 5 mins.

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