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Glowing Plant Instructions

IN A NUTSHELL: Bioglow's Starlight Avatar glowing plants require no care, just avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Plants have all they need inside the juegos tragamonedas gratis, which should be kept closed.

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For those who'd likeadditional details:

CONTAINER: Starlight Avatar is propagated on a standard plant culture medium, which is susceptible to contamination. Opening Biobulbwill introduce contaminationand can cause plant to dry (plant's container maintains 100% humidity), which willresult in irreparable damage to the plant. Please refrain from unsealing Biobulb. Opening or unsealing Biobulbwill void the warranty.

LIGHT: As with any other plant, Starlight Avatar requires light to grow and thrive. However, please avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as it may damage the plant.

TEMPERATURE: The optimal temperature for Starlight Avatar growth is around 75F (25C). When the plant is subjected to suboptimal temperatures (below 60F [15C] or higher than 85F [30C]), the plant may become stressed, and the glow may decrease or cease. However, the glow is typically restored within one to two days upon return to normal conditions. Prolonged exposure to suboptimal temperatures is not recommended, as it may damage the plant.

HUMIDITY: Starlight Avatar is highly susceptible to low humidity and water shock. The airtight Biobulb container maintains 100% humidity. Unsealing the container, in addition to introducing contamination, may cause the plant to dry and wilt.

INDOOR USE: Starlight Avatar is highly unlikely to survive in an open garden due to strong susceptibility to a variety of abiotic conditions, particularly strong light and water shock. Biobulb is recommended as an indoor product only.