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For those who'd like additional details:

BIOBULB is a second-generation Plant Powered Bioglow glowing plant productcontaining Starlight Avatar glowing plant (for additional information please visit http://bioglowtech.com). Although Biobulb will not light up the room and it may take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark before the glow is noticed, it is the first symbolic step to the future of lightning link pokies online real money australia.

The GLOW of Starlight Avatar withinBiobulb is best described as comparable in strength to starlight. The plants dim, ambient glow can best be appreciated in a darkened room and typically requires a few minutes for ones eyes to adapt to the darkness before the plants glow is fully pronounced. To enjoy viewing the glow of Starlight Avatar, it is important to keep in mind that the ability of the human eyes to see dim lights is influenced by the amount of light they were exposed to immediately before viewing and the age of the observer. For example, walking into a dark room from a sunny afternoon outdoors will require a longer acclimation period for ones eyes to adapt than during the evening hours. Younger people typically notice the glow faster than older individuals. Cataracts and other adverse eye conditions may affect ones ability to see the glow. Depending on age and prior light exposure, certain individuals may be able to see the plants glow right away, whereas others will require a few minutes. When glow becomes visible, the plants features and glowing parts become increasingly more prominent as the eyes continue to adjust.

The LIFE SPAN of Starlight Avatar within Biobulb isapproximately 1-2months, which is comparable to the natural life span of N. alata, an annual plant from which Starlight Avatar is derived. Many other annual plants havecomparable life expectancy, typically germinating early in the summer and wilting in the fall.

AVAILABILITY: we custom propagate each plant per order, which requires time for order fulfillment.Based on the previous experience, wemay receive large number of orders exceeding our production capacities, whichmay increasefulfillment time. Current fulfillment times will be shown on the product page and are subject to change based on product availability.Shipping costs are non-refundable. An e-mail notification will be sent when the product ships. Due to export/import regulations at this time, Biobulbisavailable only within the United States.

WARRANTY: There is a 14-day warranty for the product.

LICENSE: All Bioglow glowing plant sales are subject to Bioglow Limited Use License foundon this website under "Bioglow License" tab andathttp://bioglow.us/pages/bioglow-license. Bioglow glowing plant products are subject to pending and issued patents. Bioglow LLC, all rights reserved.